Different Types of Tennis Shoes You Need To Know

Like any other aspect of fashion, tennis shoes are evolving and progressing toward better style and comfort. With that, there are many different types of tennis shoes coming up in the market.

Today tennis shoes have turned into specialized gear that comes fully equipped to support all kinds of athletes on all kinds of courts. Moreover, there are also the best walking tennis shoes for women.

However, with so many different types of tennis shoes, it is often difficult to understand which to pick. We will break it down for your convenience. 

Different Types of Tennis Courts 

Before you understand different types of tennis shoes, it is important to take notice of the different types of tennis court surfaces for which the categories are equipped.

The popularity of court types varies according to regions and countries. Whichever type of court you’re planning to play on regularly will dictate your purchase. 

Hard Court

Hard court is among the most famous courts for tennis. For the right reasons, of course. Hard courts are the easiest to maintain as well as play on. Players can take sharp and fast movements without having to worry about uneven surfaces.

Hard courts, for their easy maintenance nature, are more affordable than others as well. All these reasons increase the demand for hard courts, and your shoes need to come equipped. 

If you’re planning to spend a significant amount of time on hard courts, look out for shoes that offer features that can withstand the impact of challenging terrains. You may want a shoe that has durable outsoles and a strong toe-guard. This is particularly important for shock absorption.

They need to offer extra protection as well as added comfort in the shoes’ interior and upper. Make sure that your shoe is ready to provide the stability you need in this particular type of tennis court.  

Grass Court 

Grass courts are among the most prominent courts among professional players. It is, however, the most expensive to maintain and poses the most challenges during a game.

These courts can accommodate the fastest games due to being slick, and the ball often skids on the court. You should also know that grass courts are the most forgiving in terms of injuries and shocks. So don’t sweat too much about the durability of the shoe.

Due to the slick court, you will need to pay special attention to traction. Make sure that your shoe has a flat outsole that features bumps and pimples across the length. This is the best way to ensure optimal traction in tennis shoes.  

Clay Court 

Clay courts are another popular type of tennis court. They have a special feature of slowing down the ball yet allowing it to bounce higher every time it touches the surface. However, this type of court is the most slippery. Players often slide on the court and lose traction.

If you’re playing on clay surfaces, you better be looking for shoes that offer the best stability. This will allow players to slide confidently and still keep a strong grasp on the game. Stable shoes will allow players to make better later movements as well as movements on the sides. 

You may also want shoes that come in herringbone style tread along the shoes’ length. Why? Because this will allow the shoes to effortlessly release the clay from the shoe when it twists or flexes. Moreover, it ensures consistent slides on the court. 

As far as the upper is concerned, look for shoes that are tightly knit on the top. This will keep dust from piling up on your feet and keep your feet clean during the game.  

Different Types of Tennis Shoes 

1. Value 

Featuring fewer and older technologies, value tennis shoes translate to industry pioneers. They are more like recreational shoes that can carry you to parties and the gym.

Brands combine Lightweight tennis shoes and Durability features to offer the best Value tennis shoes in the market. They are, therefore, quite cost-effective yet trendy. 

2. Durability 

Durability is a must-have for professional tennis players who spend hundreds of hours on the court to perfect their tricks and techniques.

As you may have realized, these shoes are designed to withstand heavy beating. They have a bulkier body with stronger outsoles, offering greater shock absorption, cushioning, therefore, better overall support.

Owing to their superior construction, these shoes are tear and wear-resistant. Typically, you will find a manufacturer’s warranty on the outsole.

Since the shoes are here to help you through professional training, they feature several technologies that will prevent injuries and keep your joints healthy on the court. Find our top picks for the best nursing tennis shoes. 

3. Lightweight 

Lightweight tennis shoes are the most responsive and breathable in the league. And, of course, light. The shoes can achieve this feature by cutting short on any excess weight on the body. 

As a result, players can enjoy speed on the court, which they use to their advantage to make rapid movements during a game. Not only that, but these shoes are also fantastic choices for taking to the gym or walking around in the park.

They have adopted newer lightweight technology to keep up with the trend. If you’re looking for some great picks for your morning walk, click here for the best walking tennis shoes for women. 

Lightweight tennis shoes are also considered to be best nursing tennis shoes for a full day of standing.

Note that there isn’t a particular scale or way to determine how much do tennis shoes weigh. Depending on the body’s size and material, you can pick up any product that fits your feet. 

4. Hybrid 

The shoes that will not fit into any of the above three categories are marked as hybrid tennis shoes.

This kind of shoes falls between Lightweight tennis shoes and Durability. They are the result of constant testing and development. 


Catering to player’s individual needs, tennis shoes come in different build quality, featuring different technologies to offer multiple layers of strength on the court.

We have analyzed the different type of tennis shoes that dictates the market. We hope you choose wisely.

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