How Much to Tip Movers

How Much to Tip Movers? For the ones using a moving company for the very first time, you probably have many questions stored up inside you. For instance, you might have researched a ton and carefully selected your moving company, you might not have had a proper estimation of the final costs you’ll have to pay for these highly skilled movers.

Before you say goodbye to the team that packed and moved your stuff with utmost care, it’s only courteous that you know how to much to tip movers.

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Should I Tip Movers?

Yes! If you’re happy with their service, you should definitely give a generous tip to every member of the team.

Technically, tipping isn’t mandatory. It’s important to remember that your bill doesn’t include a tip. Packing and moving things carefully can be a tedious job, and doing so with heavy furniture is super stressful. A good moving team will save you quite some time and relieve you of at least one of your headaches. A great way to reward them for a job well done is a reasonable tip.

5 Reasons You Might Not Want to Tip the Movers and Packers

Giving a tip is like saying thank you for doing a great job. However, if you’re not satisfied with the service they provided, you might not be willing to pay a tip at all, let alone skim out a small one. Here are some reasons you may be unwillingly to open your closet to take some tips out:

  • They broke or damaged some valuable possessions.
  • They arrived outside the fixed time without warning or a reasonable explanation.
  • When you’re paying by the hour, the team engages in time-wasting tactics to get more money out of you (like early meals and multiple breaks).
  • The movers were disrespectful and rude.
  • They left stuff behind.

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How Much to Tip Movers?

It’s important to decide how much to tip movers, and you should calculate the entire moving cost. Plan to give out anywhere from 5% to 20% of the total cost of the move to the moving team as a tip.

There are many suggestions about whether you should tip movers basing on the percentage of the full bill, the number of hours put in, a roof amount, or the bare minimum that you can get away with.

How much you pay will depend on your conditions. Deciding on paying the movers 10% of the whole may work great if you’ve only appointed a single team of movers that will work for some hours. But the total cost will be fixed by how many hours they’re sitting inside the truck.

An easy way to evaluate the tip amount is a scale basing on the time it takes to complete the move. According to this method, $10 per person is good enough for half a day’s (4 hours) and $20 for a full day (8 hours) of work. Similarly, if the movers have been working for you from daylight to dark, you can expect to tip up to $40 each one.

Determining How Much to Tip Movers

The range between 5% is 20% is pretty big, and many people aren’t in that financial state where they’ll be able to offer a mover the largest tip even if they’re feeling generous. Nevertheless, your movers did take the time to carefully pack your possessions and change locations, so it’s only fair that you give them a proper reward.

Consider these factors when making the final decision:

  • The level of difficulty: If you have a ton of heavy furniture, narrow, long flights of stairs that are needlessly hard to navigate, or steep hills outdoors, the movers have to give more effort and should be equally compensated.
  • Additional benefits provided throughout the day: If you treated your moving team to a hearty meal, they might not expect a tip coming their way.
  • How many teams are working: Sometimes, especially if the move is from one city to another, the team who loads the possessions onto the truck isn’t the same one that brings the possessions into the new house. Do the movers on both ends deserve a tip? Yes – ideally, you should tip them separately, and that can have an influence on your perception of how much to tip movers at the start and at the end.
  • Quality of service: If you feel like the moving team did an okay-ish job, the tip doesn’t have to be that handsome.
  • Services exceeding expectations: If your team made the extra effort and stuck around to help you unpack the last of your belongings or stayed behind late to ensure everything was place properly in your new residence, show you appreciation by providing a larger tip. The benefits are two-fold. They’ll now be encouraged to display the same behavior for the next customer.

How to Tip the Mover?

In the past, cash was the only convenient way to tip the movers. Honestly, in this case, the old way is the best way – cash is the ideal way. While you may be happy that you’ve paid a hefty amount to the moving team, the lion’s share will not be going to the actual movers. When cash is paid, they can easily split it amongst the members of the team so everyone gets an equal share.

If there’s time, tipping each work separately is a great idea. This shows your gratitude for each and every mover and makes them feel like a part of the team. Additionally, if you spotted one worker putting in more effort, you can tip them accordingly.

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Now that you know how much to tip movers, we hope you’ll be wise in distributing tips amongst the moving team. These people put in a ton of work to ensure your belongings reach their new destination safely, so it’s best to express your appreciation in this way.

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