How Often to Water Succulents

How Often to Water Succulents? Your succulent’s life depends on the amount of water you provide it. This answer depends on a number of variables (and we’ll get into that in the following segments), but the main concept is that you don’t want these fleshy plants to sit in the water. If this happens, succulents die.

A succulent can get over under-watering, but over-watering for sure will lead to the death of your precious plant. You might think we are being dramatic, and for good reason. But if you do want to try out overwatering the succulent to prove us wrong, you might be in for a shock. So even before diving deeper into the topic, the answer to the burning question of how much water a succulent needs: It does, but not so much that there’s water climbing up the body.

Succulents are native to dry climates; they hold additional water within their fleshy leaves and there’s not much need for excessive water from can. However, like every other plant, they will need water from to time. Too much could mean the roots will rot and your plant will die, and too less would just dry out the entire thing. So, how often to water succulents? Once a week? Once every two weeks? Or once a month?

Keep reading to find out.

4 Factors That Determine the Watering Schedule


Majority succulents have growth spurts during the spring and summer, so they’ll need much more water in those active growing seasons. As they use energy to make new roots, steams, leaves, and blooms, they’ll soak up a surprising amount of water in. At this point, you might need to water them thrice a week, depending on some additional factors like temperature and link. These resilient plants go dormant in the winter. For the entire season, you’ll need to water them once a twice a week. You’d be surprised (and saddened) how easy it is easy to kill an otherwise healthy succulent by providing in with too much water in winter. Thus, keep the watering cans at bay from November to March. Let the succulents rest peacefully in the aridity.

Amount of Light

If a succulent is used to getting 10 or more hours of sunlight in a day, these ones will require more water than the succulents getting less light. Usually, outdoor plants have a higher need for water in comparison to indoor plants as the latter is more exposed to sun and tougher conditions. 

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Plants in cooler temperatures and high humidity will require much less watering than plants surviving in dry, warm climates because they’ll hold moisture for an extended period.  Are your succulents basking in the sun in San Francisco on a deck? You may only need to water one time every alternate week. Are they sitting on a patio under the scorching heat in Phoenix? You’ll need the watering can daily.

Container Size

Smaller containers need to be watered more because they don’t hold as much soil, and the water dries out faster. On the other hand, larger containers contained more soil that locks in the moisture longer so the need for water is less.

How to Water

Now that the factors affecting how often you need to water succulents has been covered, let’s learn how to water them properly. Yes, there is a correct way and you might just be watering your succulents wrong the whole time.

As mentioned earlier, these plants belong to the land of deserts, and while there’s not too much rain in their native habitat, on occasions when it does see rain, it rains cats and dogs. Rainstorms in deserts are like monsoons, while water dropping from the sky in sheets. Create that illusion of desert rain by drenching your succulents when watering it. Slowly pour water on it and stop only when the water starts coming out of the drain bole at the very bottom. These plants are better off with periodic deep, long drinks that reach the soil’s depth than regular yet smaller showers that wet the first two inches of the container’s soil.

So, when the succulent’s soil is dry, like bone dry, it’s time to water it. Let the soil dry out entirely before watering the succulents again. Repeat the pattern for healthy, and mainly alive succulents.

How Often to Water Succulents?

In non-winter months when the temperature exceeds the 40-degrees mark, that’s when you should you succulents in alternate weeks. Or, you could also water them once a month because they are in that dormant phase.

But, there are some exceptions to this rule. A few kinds of succulents need more water because they have teeny tiny leaves and are unable to old as much water as their counterparts with plumper leaves. For these ones with the small leaves, feel free to water them up once a week during the non-winter months, but only if they appear thirsty. Succulents will generally look somewhat wrinkly is they’re running short of water.

There’s a thumb rule to watering succulents and that is: It’s always better to under-water your succulents that over-water.

For better measure, let us mention this one more time. Don’t give your plants one more drink unless the soil is bone dry. Let the soil completely soak up the water between each session. If the soil hasn’t turned into dry dirt, crumbly, don’t water. Most houseplants need their soil moist under all circumstances, but not your succulents. Keeping the soil moist will drown the plants, the roots will rot, and the plant will die (duh!)

Ending Thoughts

Drench. Dry out. Water. Let it dry. If you keep up with this pattern, your succulent should be doing fine. These are hardy little plants so they won’t ask too much of you, but do remember to stick to the basics of watering it.

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