How to Clean House Siding

Sidings are commonly used for constructing homes. Often, these sidings are composed of vinyl, which makes the building strong and versatile. However, this material is somewhat difficult to clean. It requires regular care and looks very bad if it goes dirty. Today we will be talking about how to clean house siding.

We will be providing you with some tips and tricks, step by step to clean your house siding fairly easily.

Vinyl Siding
Vinyl sidings are popularly used for construction for two reasons. The first reason is that vinyl is very weather resistant. Moisture, heavy winds, hail, storms cannot cause vinyl to rot over time. Secondly, they make a very visually appealing finish upon completion. Vinyl sidings can last for up to 50 years without needing repair.

Equipment you will Require

Pressure Washer

You will want to use this because of the extremely high pressured bursts of water it can shoot out. It can make the washing process much easier than it would be without one for the house siding.

This one is probably a no brainer, but you will be needing hoses with ample length. They will be responsible for delivering the water from partition to partition of the siding.

Reaching the higher parts of the house siding can be difficult without a ladder. You will be also wanting to get an observation of whether the upper portions will need more cleaning or not. A ladder will be essential to the process, more so if your house is above one story.

How else would you get rid of dirt or grime that refuses to get off, right? To be able to get your house siding squeaky clean, you will need a brush.

Cleaning Wands
A pressure washer can be very useful with a cleaning wand. You will want both short and long wands for being able to reach different spaces.

You will require a few different kinds of liquids to get the best result from cleaning the house sidings. For applying these liquids to the siding, you will want sprayers or other chemical applicators. Sprayers make the process of applying the solution faster and more convenient.

Cleaning Solutions
Three quarters water and one quarter vinegar makes a decent solution for molds and mildew stains.
For something stronger, combine one third a cup of laundry detergent, one quarter of liquid bleach, one gallon of water and two thirds of a cup of house cleaner powder. This will be able to get rid of much more than mildew stains and molds.

General household cleansers, those that can handle cleaning soil, grass, oil and ink stains.

How to Start Cleaning the House Siding
Now, let us proceed to the process of the actual cleaning in a few steps. Do not worry, this is much simpler than it may sound to you at first.

Step 1
Place some plastic bags or covers below where your siding walls stand. These will make the cleaning process much easier. As the dirt and grime will drip downwards, the plastic will be able to collect it instead of smearing your lawns.

Step 2
Attach the hose with the pressure washer, and proceed to turn it on. Do this carefully, and then fill your pressure washer up with some warm water for better results.

Step 3
Spray it all over your house sidings. The initial water contacting with the sidings will be able to wash some of the dirt off by itself. Do it once with each of the surfaces present.

Step 4
Now you can dive in with your wand, brushes and cleaning solution. Wherever you see dirt or grime unscathed, apply the cleaning solution. Use different solutions for their desired purposes, and do not overspray! You will see later when you make use of the pressure washer to clean remaining dirt.

Step 5
Use your brush to scrub away stains and dirt after they have been sprayed. Use the brushes and scrubbers as hard as you require, as vinyl does not stain or scratch easily. Ink stains may be hard to get off if they are present, but the stronger solutions should be able to take care of them.

Step 6
When you have completed all of these steps, you can take some extra care of the above portions of your house siding. This does not need to be said when your house is above one story. Make proper use of the ladder to clean the nooks and crannies. After you have taken care of this, you can proceed to the final step of the cleaning process.

Step 7
It is now time to get rid of all the remaining stains, grime and dirt that have probably been softened by now. Use your pressure washer again with some heated water to apply it all over your house siding. After you have completed doing this, you can finally wait for the sidings to be dried up. Remove the plastic covers that have probably collected a lot of the waste by now.

Additional Tips
Consider not using vinyl siding cleaners. They often contain ingredients that can end up damaging your vinyl siding. The damage done is often irreparable due to the solutions containing strong chlorine bleach and liquid grease removers.

Do not use any strong solutions when using the pressure washer. The force of the water and the strength of the solution can damage your vinyl siding coating. Only use heated water when using the pressure washer, in order to prevent any damages.

In Conclusion
We hope we have been able to provide you with some guidelines for a good cleaning. Follow these steps thoroughly for getting the best results. Remember that cleaning your siding is not necessary too regularly. House siding will collect dirt very fast, and the cleaning process can be too taxing to be done regularly. Happy cleaning!

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