How to Make a Fortune Teller

How to Make a Fortune Teller? Paper fortune tellers are adorable and fun little origami objects that could predict someone’s future! Older generations grew up tinkering with these projects, and it’s even better seeing newer generations harboring the same love for it.

The principle is quite simple: There’s a color or number on the outer side. Ask your friend to choose a color or number and the fortune teller is closed/open the corresponding number of times. For example, if someone picks the color “Purple”, you open and close the folds of the fortune teller six times, and that’s the number of alphabets in the name of the color. Then, the person has to pick one last number/letter/color/anything you’ve scribbled onto the inner tabs and upon unfolding the last flap, their fortune is revealed!

Making this quite easy and you can do it too! Here’s how to make a fortune teller and become an apprentice of that craft!

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How to Make a Fortune Teller: Step by Step Tutorial

What You’ll Need

  1. One A4 size paper or a perfectly square sheet of paper.
  2. Markers
  3. Something you can use to cut paper (Ruler, scissors)
  4. Step 1: Take a standard A4 size paper, 8.55 x 11 inches. This is what we’ll use to make the paper fortune teller. Since we’ll need to use a square piece of paper for the origami, we need to make one from this. If you already have a square piece of paper at hand, ignore this and next three steps
  5. Step 2: The idea is to get one 8.5 x 8.5 inch piece of paper. First of all, lay down the paper vertically on your work surface. You could do it just by your hands and without any surface but the flat area will help make sharper folds.
  6. Step 3: Fold one of the corner. Keep doing so until the top edge isn’t completely in line with the opposite side’s corner. At this point, it should appear like a right trapezoid.
  7. Step 4: the bit of rectangle that’s formed at the bottom needs to be removed. You could do this in three ways:

Option 1: Hold a ruler tightly along the folded down portion. Grab one of the edges of the rectangle and pull, putting the pressure against the ruler. Don’t move the ruler or lessen the power of your grip because it might tear.

Option 2: Fold along the meeting point of the rectangle and the folded part of the paper. Repeat and crease the fold every time. After about three to folds, the paper should automatically be loose and tear along this folded line.

Option 3: Use your scissors to cut a straight line along the meeting zones of the folded part of paper and the tiny rectangle.

Now, you have a perfect square that’s been folded in half.

  • Step 5: Okay, now with this newly cut out square, notice the fold line stretching from the corner all the way to the opposite end. Create one more fold line that goes from corners that are yet to have a fold line; corner to opposite one. Follow the other fold and fold in the same direction (so if the paper has been folded along the diagonal and faces you, then the new fold should also be the same.) You’re now left with a square that has two intersecting folds running across the diagonals. Four identical triangles should be made within the square by the folds, with all the tops meeting in the center.
  • Step 6: In ascending order, put number on the triangles. Begin with the top left smaller triangle and write number 1 on it. Write the numbers in clockwise order around the triangles. You should be able to make eight entries.

Now, pick four colors that you’ll write on the front part of the paper fortune teller.

  • Step 7: Now the best part! Be creative and write “fortunes” under the flaps. Unfold the triangles marked 1 and 2 and jot down a little piece of fortune on it. Keep the writing small so everything fits. Repeat the process for every single flap – opening and writing. You now have eight different fortunes the other person can choose from. After you’re done, close all the flaps.

What are some fortunes you can write?

1. “Something good is coming your way!”

2. “You’ll succeed in every aspect of your life.”

3. “You will have a long and healthy life.”

  • Step 8: Now, flip the paper over so the diagonal folds will have the paper folded away from you. Fold all the four corner inwards towards the middle. Observe the crossing of the folds and use that as reference for where the corners should ideally come together. You should now have another square, but much smaller.
  • Step 9: Do step 8 once more. Turn the paper over and fold the newly made corner inwards toward the center. An even smaller square will be made. This part is the inside of your almost-made paper fortune teller.
  • Step 10: Fold and unfold in half way (both ways). The outer portion of the fortune teller should be on the outside portion of the fold. This ensures you have a functional fortune teller.
  • Step 11: Open up the flaps on the bottom part of fortune teller and slide your fingers underneath it to reveal the flaps. Use these flaps to operate your fortune teller.

Congratulations! You now have a fortune teller and the immense power to aware someone of their future. Ask your friend to pick something and reveal theirs.

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We hope you learned how to make a fortune teller with this guide. You have all the freedom in the world to go ahead and switch up the options. How about replacing colors with fruits? Have fun with your origami paper fortune teller.

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