How to Repair Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is actually quite common among many homeowners and it really adds to the whole classy demeanor of the home giving it a more polished and uniform look.

However, it is very easy to damage and in this post, we will be teaching you how to repair Laminate Flooring yourself at home without any expert help whatsoever.

Keep in mind that this project requires some tools and equipment that we have listed below and also remember to take all the safety precautions because there are certain health codes and other safety laws in place in different states that require you to wear safety equipment and to take certain precautions to prevent Fire and other Hazards.

Laminate Flooring is actually very easy to damage and can sometimes even get scraped off if a knife falls on the flooring.

Therefore, the degree of repair will vary depending upon the damage that has been inflicted on the floor. Depending upon that, you can scale your repair by following the basic instructions listed in this article.

Equipment/Materials Needed:

  1. Floor Fill F99 Solvent (First Method)
  2. Floor Fill Solvent Tube (First Method)
  3. Safety Goggles.
  4. Towel/Clean Cloth.
  5. Putty Knife.
  6. Wood Wax (Second Method)
  7. Blow Dryer (Second Method)
  8. Clean Container (Second method)

How to Repair Laminate Flooring Using Floor Fill

  1. Take the clean cloth and pour the FF-99 Floor Fill solvent onto it to wet it a little bit. Wipe the edges around the damage and the damage itself with this to ensure that there isn’t any debris or dirt which can prevent our Filler from sticking.
  2. After cleaning thoroughly, take the cardboard piece that we had and press out the solvent onto it from the tube. Use a quantity that you think will be able to fill up the damage that has been made to the laminate flooring.
  3. Use the Putty knife to lighten this solvent a bit and mix it up on the cardboard piece to make sure that it is ready to be put into the damaged area.
  4. Scrape the solvent onto the Putty knife and make sure to fill the damaged area with it.
  5. Rub the Putty knife flatly over the area where this solvent has been placed to level it with the other laminate flooring. Make sure to be very careful and try your best not to get this over other parts of the flooring.
  6. After this, using the Putty Knife make sure to scrape off the excess solvent that might have been spilled on the sides of the damaged area.
  7. Give the FloorFill Tube solvent 5 minutes to dry up and then pour the FF-99 Floor Fill Solvent onto the cloth again. Use this cloth to wipe from the sides of the damaged area which we just filled and if you got any solvent on any other part of the Laminate flooring, wipe that as well.
  8. After wiping any spills and over the edges of the damage that we filled, let this sit for at least 5 hours.
  9. After waiting for the specified period, you will be able to see that the Laminate Flooring that was damaged has been completely repaired and the damage cannot be seen now unless you really focus on the damaged area.

How to Repair Laminate Flooring Using Wood Wax

  1. For this purpose, take a clean cloth and rub it over the area that we are going to be fixing to ensure that there isn’t any debris in the way. By doing this, we can be sure that the Wax will sit correctly inside the damaged area.
  2. After cleaning, take the Wood Wax out of the box and select the color that matches your laminate flooring to ensure that it doesn’t look out of place once we actually move on towards applying it.
  3. There are two methods in which we can proceed. Either you can melt the selected wax into a container of your choice and then pour the required amount over the damaged area and using the small Putty knife, you can easily fill up the damaged area and its surroundings. Or, you can cut the wax off, use the Putty knife to completely get it into the damaged area, and then use a blow dryer to melt it and set it in place.
  4. We recommend that you melt the wax first and then get it into the damaged area.
  5. Once the wax has been applied inside the damaged area, you should wait for about 2 hours to ensure that it completely dries off inside the damaged area.
  6. Inspect the repair and check to see if there are any pieces of wax that have been spilled on the outside and using a clean cloth or scrapper, rub them off.
  7. With the Scrapper, try to gently scrape off excess pieces of wax surrounding the damaged area but make sure to be very careful as we don’t want to inflict any other damage or scratches on the flooring.
  8. Afterward, you can use the cloth to completely rub off any leftover wax and in doing so, we will have completely repaired our laminate Flooring with Wood Wax.

Final Words

There is a crucial difference between Hardwood and Laminate flooring, when damaged, you can simply take out a piece of hardwood and replace it with another.

However, with Laminate Flooring in most cases, panels are installed. These panels need to be completely replaced to fix the damage to Laminate Flooring and this can cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

If you can live with these two methods, they are actually quite feasible and don’t require you to go head over heels to fix a little damage in flooring.

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