The Best Garage Storage Ideas

Garages are meant to shelter your cars. More often than not, they end up being the home of a veritable set of objects. Homes often don’t have a designated space to store heavy equipment. Especially outdoor toys, machinery, or tools. The garage tends to be the most practical space if you want to keep your house clutter-free.

Garages are a functional space. It’s not limited to sheltering your car only, it’s a multifunctional place. You don’t need to overhaul the design to make the most use of it. You can create a small workstation for your outdoor or gardening projects. There are multiple ways through which you can save space.

First, you need to start cleaning your garage. Let’s take a look.

How to Clean Your Garage
Garages can host both your car and your equipment. You just need to organize the space properly. Every item in your home can fit with the right decluttering plan. Here’s how you can remove things you don’t need.
First up, set a day aside. You might even need two. Decluttering isn’t an easy project. Those who hoard do so because of attachments. This is why you need a second opinion. Make it a family affair. Or call your friends. Ask them to pitch in and you’ll sort things out faster.

Also, check everything. Even the boxes that have been stowed away for months. You never know what you can uncover. Maybe it’s a photograph of a loved one or a long-lost family heirloom. Decide what you want to keep, donate, sell, or throw away. Put a price on the ones you want to sell.
Here are some things you need to consider throwing away. Toss the items that are broken beyond repair. No sentimental value can fix it. Anything you’ve outgrown should also be on the list. It could be clothes, shoes, or even toys. Expired products should be disposed of too.

Now, look into the ones you’ve kept aside. Separate them into different categories. Keep all the tools in one box and the outdoor equipment in another. Labeling should be your best friend. Clothes and wearable items should be donated. Put the rest up for a yard sale.

Tips to Organize Your Garage Space
Now that you’ve cleared out the junk, it’s time to organize!
Dimensions matter. Take note of all the doors, windows, and walls. Find where the switches are placed. If you’re planning to put up shelves or placing boxes, you need to know exactly how much space you have. Also, keep items off the floor. You don’t want things to be in a messy pile that takes ages to sort out.

This will help you find things easily. All the gardening tools and equipment should be stored together. This includes the fertilizers and relevant chemicals. Keep large equipment in the corner. If there are things you use frequently, keep them near the doors. Seasonal equipment should be placed in inaccessible corners.

What’s the point of having a functional garage if it’s going to be dim and dark? A single bulb won’t cut it. You need ambient lighting. Brighten up the room with fluorescent fixtures. Don’t get lazy here. This will encourage you to keep your garage storage space in top-notch shape too!

Best Garage Storage Ideas
These ideas will help you transform your garage into an organized space. Let’s check them out!

Invest in Open Shelves
Shelves are affordable and accessible. You can easily find the things you need. Swinging cabinets can be a tad annoying. Also, you end up being disorganized anyway because you can just hide the evidence. They can be used in moderation to store things that need to be protected from dust or sun.

Make Use of the Overhead Space
Don’t ignore the garage ceiling. It’s the ideal place to store flat items or seasonal gear. Especially ladders or racquets. Just make sure they don’t interfere with any of the garage door operations. Don’t let it scrape your car either.

Get a Track System
Those awkwardly shaped items don’t fit anywhere. This is why you need to get a track system. There are so many hooks and attachments involved. You can store anything with this!

Get Your Tools in Different Containers
Some prefer storing their tools in the basement while others prefer the garage. Either way, it’s best to store them in different containers or tool kits. Keep all the plumbing tools in one box and the electrical ones in another. Label them religiously so you instantly know where to find your required equipment.

Consider Getting a Pegboard
This is perfect for smaller items. Pegboards are not only practical but pretty too. All your office supplies and keys are on display. You can also hang some cleaning supplies.

Things Not to Store in the Garage
Just because you have space in your garage doesn’t mean you can dump anything there. Don’t store the following items in the garage for your convenience. It’s not particularly safe either.

Propane Tanks
A tiny spark can ignite fumes. Don’t ever keep propane tanks in your garage, especially near your car.

Paint and Paper
Paint, especially oil-based ones, is flammable. Also, extreme weather can ruin it from further use. Keep them in a temperate area for longevity. Also, paper or paper goods attract pests. It’s best to keep them in the pantry.

Why bother keeping fridges in a place with warmer temperatures? It’s a huge waste of both space and energy.

Overhauling your garage space is a waste of time. Take an easier approach and make use of these garage storage ideas instead. There are so many ideas you can try. Just remember, categorizing and labeling once goes a long way! Give these tips a try to make the most of your garage space. Buckle up and start today!

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