Top 10 Dog Breeds for an Apartment

Are you planning on finally starting your family? I mean, dog family. If yes, then congratulations! So, which breed? You must be struggling really hard to land one breed, right? I think I can already hear you screaming. Now, let’s come to the main problem.

You must be torn between picking the perfect dog breed that will be comfortable in your apartment, right? I can already tell. In that case, I can help you pick some dog breeds that will fit well in your apartment and can actually comfortably be a part of your new family. Without further ado, let’s get to know them-Bichon Frise
Aww! That’s going to be your constant reaction if you get a Bichon home. This breed loves to curl up and rest on laps. They can be extremely clingy towards their owners so brownie points to you. Now having a tiny apartment would work as a plus point.

Make sure you take your little pup out every day for a walk and play games at home. Bichons can be very energetic so if you don’t plan on doing all these on a regular basis, don’t get surprised if your landlord comes up with complaints regarding someone who decided to not be a good boy.

Prepare your heart to be filled with love and love because that’s what you are going to get from this little wrinkly pup. Pugs are great at being friends with kids if trained properly. This little snug ball would love a walk daily.
Just make sure you clean his face every day so that, no dirt stays in between the wrinkles. In addition, do not make your little pug do too much exercise. They are not noisy except for the time they are sleeping. Snoring alert if you’re a light sleeper!

German Spitz
Someone who kinda looks like a fox but at the same time has a forever funny face can be hard to be seriously taken at times. Then again, make sure you have eyes on the pup when they start screaming at strangers. Other than that your little friend’s only aim is to learn new things to impress you. If that’s not a win, then what is?

Yorkshire Terrier
Do you love pockets? I have a pocket-sized little pup for you who apparently forgets his size at times. These pups can be fierce at times while being absolutely cute. It won’t take more than split seconds for them to switch from being bold to cuddly.
They are super clingy so, they won’t mind living in a small-sized apartment because they will be mostly living on your lap.

Remember that kid from high school who was everyone’s favorite? Meet their soul dog, Chihuahua. This little pup here can be over-friendly. Not only that, some days they tend to forget their tiny little size and end up challenging every other dog that walks by down the road. So, be careful when you take them out for a walk.
Other than that, they are super energetic so make sure they don’t wear themselves out. You need to take them out every day and additionally make them do exercise around 20 to 30 minutes. Don’t skip a day otherwise chaos won’t skip you as this baby here can be very loud at times.

Shih Tzu
Here is one little pup who is all set to claim your lap its new throne with or without your willingness. Shit Tzus can be high maintenance when it comes to showing love. On the other hand, when it comes to exercise they are low maintenance. Considering their size, and exercise requirements, they are the perfect breed for apartments.

English Bulldog
Do you like to stay at home at the time? We have a companion for you who would rather love to lie down on your face rather than play at the dog park. Oh and occasionally, fart on your face but that’s better than his loud snores in the middle of the night.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
If you want someone too playful and a great sense of humor then swipe right to any Pembroke welsh corgi you bump into. They can be super friendly and energetic. Good luck cleaning the mess in your house.
They can quickly adapt to any situation so your apartment won’t be a problem for them. You can easily train them because they are always eager to please you. You have a friend in a Corgi.

This little cute baby can be the genius you always wanted to be. Surely it didn’t make it to MIT just like some of us here but that doesn’t make it can’t trick you to get another treat. Poodles are extremely good with kids. I mean, you are a baby yourself, pup!
They require less exercise so it’s better to practice mind games or training at home. The pup can be very quiet at times that you might hear me screaming “aww little poodle” rather than her barking.

Greyhounds can be one of a kind. I mean they are one of the fastest breeds ever but at the same time, they run very low on energy. It should be a win for you as you will be keeping him mostly in your apartment. Just make sure you take him out on walks.
They can be very gentle and quiet. On the contrary, would bring chaos to your world while training them so, a little heads up on that. One good thing is that you can simply maintain their smooth coat.

In Conclusion
I know I have made your decision harder than ever but hey at least I brought down the list to ten breeds. Now the choice is yours. Don’t forget to let me know who got to be your new pet.

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