What Are Parcel Lockers and How Do You Get Them?

Parcel lockers have recently gained popularity and will keep being utilized due to more numbers sinking into online shopping.

With the increased virtual buying of goods, there have been more goods delivery services to various places countrywide- for example, in commercial centers, universities, and households.

A report suggested that over 35% of US families get packages delivered at least once a month and 26% in a week.

Even an estimation has been developed, stating that e-commerce sales will get to more than four trillion dollars come 2021. This approximation means a lot to property managers who spend hours arranging various deliveries to ensure their customers get satisfied.

They do many tasks, including signing, sorting, storing, and tracking the goods, without forgetting planning for logistics and shipping.

This article discusses parcel lockers and how you can get them. Please continue reading to understand more.

What’s a Parcel Locker?

A parcel locker is a new delivery service method convenient for people to receive or send items to different families, commercial buildings, retail stores, and learning institutions like campuses. This service is safe, secure, and reliable.

You can count on this delivery service for your personal or professional endeavors as it comes in all scales, sizes, and shapes. It’s simple to join and use regardless of the order placed. Simply add to cart, and select parcel delivery on checking out.

Then, start tracking your item when the delivery process begins, and you’ll receive an email or short text informing your pickup details at the location choice. The orders include items such as groceries, meal kits, wine, gifts, and medicine.

These items involve pick and collect plus refrigerated lockers to maintain the required temperature before reaching the client. No worries about theft cases or misplacements because of the assured safety and security till the pickup point.

Suppose you’re already running or wish to establish such a business. In that case, you can reach out to the Granite State Specialists, GSS team that contains certified and knowledgeable project managers with the best experience in installing parcel lockers.

The following information tells more about them.

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How to Get Parcel Lockers?

The GSS is a registered reseller of Luxer, one parcel lockers. They’ve got experts dealing in everything a parcel locker comprises, beginning from its hardware to the internal components.

If served by them, you’ll get high quality and heavy-duty smart locker structure for recommendable services in your e-commerce. The parcel lockers made come with a user-friendly touchscreen, convenient notifications, easier package retrieval, and seamless drop-offs.

The GSS is New England’s leading supplier and parcel lockers installer. They have been in operation for over a decade, giving them experience in the construction specialty field.

Additionally, the long service has helped partner with popular brands, hence it can take your project places throughout New England and other regions. Not only do they set up parcel locker systems but also smart lockers and package lockers.

Visit them today if interested in their quality assured installation.

The Working of Parcel Lockers

Parcel smart lockers use smart electronic technology for safe package deliveries. The working happens in three procedures;

  • Package delivery- A courier uses the access code sent to them by the property manager for entering into the parcel locker kiosk. A recipient is chosen, and the package is kept in one locker.
  • Recipient notification- After delivery, you get an alert either through email, text, or mobile app. Through it, you’re given a special code for picking your package.
  • Package collection- The receiver uses the sent code via email or text to open and collect their parcel.

Why Parcel Lockers are Beneficial

  • Property delivery management can be a difficult task. It doesn’t matter the item size. Can you imagine how time-consuming it can be receiving, sorting, and delivering goods? The good news is the availability of these electronic lockers to ease this work by property managers. They help in;
  • Reducing time-wasting- The long hours spent on packaging, sorting, organizing, and signing is enough for property management staff. Therefore, package delivery should not consume any more of their time.
  • Lowers any parcel related risks- Nobody is pleased if their package experiences any transportation or delivery issues. In case anything goes wrong, the packaging staff will undergo the consequences. The lockers, therefore, help reduce misplacement cases and other risks associated with delivery.
  • Flexibility in pick is increased- As a recipient, you don’t have to rush your current activities just to pick your parcel at the predefined time. The parcel lockers are great for allowing pick up time that fits into your schedule.
  • Secure delivery- No recipient should think about their electronics and theft incidences or damage. Every item is safely put in the locker, which must be opened using the access code. An earlier notification for collection is given to prepare you for pickup as soon as you can. 

Effective Parcel Deliveries Management

Do you know about the last-mile delivery? It’s a common term used by package management staff. It describes goods movement from the distribution center to final destination.

With the rise in online business and shopping, last-mile delivery is becoming more difficult. Transportation is quickly organized by mail carriers to make sure items reach their destinations as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, miscommunication is the only thing that might hinder the entire thing. Couriers are likely to take the package to the owner’s door instead of the management office.

If their efforts become futile, they take the item back to the distribution center, more so when a signature is required.

That’s why parcel lockers are essential. They save that energy of struggling to reach out to a recipient that’s not near their phone.

The Bottom Line

Parcel lockers are relevant for couriers to reach their items by themselves without engaging the property managers.

The system as well enables recipients to get notified about their parcel delivery for collection immediately it gets delivered—no worries about having a mishandled or misplaced item.

Even miscommunication is no longer a problem once the package is in your parcel locker, and a passcode texted to you. You can also pick your item as per your schedule despite the office hours.

Remember, if you need any service to do with parcel lockers installation, please visit the GSS website for inquiries.

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