White Elephant Gift Ideas: 15 Amazing Gifts Everyone Will Love

White Elephant gift exchange is a game where several wrapped gifts are brought to a party during certain festivities like Christmas. It generally consists of a plethora of gift items ranging from quite funny, weird, quirky, or some nice gift boxes.

The purpose is to fascinate the audience and let them select from the gift pile so that they can desert with a present.

Various interesting gifts can be bought in this aspect which gets even easier if a specific price range (usually less than $20) and certain characteristics have been set by the party organizer. Some of the best and most common white elephant gift ideas could be:

1. Itty-Bitty Waffle Maker:

Mini waffle iron for cooking fluffy waffles is an adorable option. It is a non-stick electrical appliance best for making mini sweet desserts and also comes with a one-year warranty. It would be best for someone who wants to savor the restaurant-style pancakes at home.

2. Plant Magnets:

Some unique and customized fridge plant magnets can also serve the purpose. Since real plants require a regular check on watering and sunlight these artificial indoor plant magnets bear no fuss. Not only they have a miniature size but also their presence makes the environment more endearing.

3. Classic Bimble Portrait:

The little bouncing buddy is designed solely to bring cheer and joy to oneself hence being a delightful present. The optimists can be chosen from among various figures, colors, textures, and some of them are customized to fly or stuck in the air.

These classic bimble buddies are ideal figures to radiate enough joy and make someone’s day by bringing smiles on the faces of those who hardly get to laugh in their everyday life.

4. Wireless Microphone:

The handheld wireless karaoke mic will surely best serve the purpose of entertainment for a group of people who want to have some fun or for solo singing. It keeps on amplifying sounds for hours hence being an interesting gift.

5. Wine Rack:

A wine holder could be a valuable gift in today’s world when most of the bars are closed and people tend to find ways of entertainment at home.

This portable wine holder could stick to any dry surface be it a bathroom wall or a table desk. It can easily hold the wine glass for as long as you want to enjoy drinking and can thus bring a sense of ease and relaxation to you anywhere.

6. Popcorn Bowl:

A microwave-safe popcorn bowl is yet a simple utensil to pop up tasty stuff which can also serve the purpose of a white elephant gift. It doesn’t have any storage issues and is also dishwasher safe.

Also, it has a greater advantage over the air popper and stovetop popping methods as it doesn’t require any cleaning or scrubbing.

7. Ramen Noodle Bowl:

The ceramic noodle bowl with a pair of wooden chopsticks could be the best white elephant gift for any noodle lover. It is a big multipurpose bowl which comes in several shapes and can really help one in enjoying their meal.

8. Beverage Coaster:

Some funny drink coasters can be an appropriate choice of white elephant gifts for witty persons. These mini round trays can be used to place the drink on the table or for serving the guests. These drink coasters are also used to indicate an unfinished drink and are a good substitute for blank wooden coasters.

9. Float Drink Holder:

The pool drink floats will help you keep your drink safe during swimming without the fear of spilling or sinking. Some customized drink floats also do have a built-in space for ice, bottle cans, snacks etc.

This inflatable drink holder with a large capacity can be a great addition to one’s pool party. Hence being a handsome present for swim lovers.

10. Water Resistant Phone Cover:

This is a great fundamental gift for beach lovers so that they can dive deep into the pool without the fear of any damage to their phone underwater. The watertight phone cases can also help the divers take some awesome underwater shots or for making an emergency phone call. This could be the best white elephant gift for any beach lover and can certainly add delight to one’s swimming pool experience.

11. Windproof Umbrella:

A vivid monochrome windproof umbrella is best for traveling in downpour not only because it consists of a large canopy and is sturdy but is also quite comfortable to handle. It can be used for individual purposes and is also a great defense against extreme weather conditions. It’s a genuinely useful white elephant gift to bring to a party.

12. Bake Cups:

The disposable silicon baking cups are best for baking identical cupcakes or muffins better than the conventional baking pans. This bakery product which is a blend of fun and usefulness is cheap enough and can be gifted to anyone interested in baking stuff.

13. Bicycle Pizza Slicer:

It is a cool kitchen accessory for cutting identical pizza slices and is a good white elephant gift both for pizza lovers and motorbike enthusiasts. It constitutes a non-stick double blade bicycle design best for cutting pizza slices without any effort and is easy to clean too.

14. Chef’s Multipurpose Gizmo:

A handy multipurpose cutter is a modern and useful gadget for chefs or on-the-go foodies. It constitutes a stainless-steel knife, spoon, grinder, grater, and peeler and is, therefore, best suited for outdoor gatherings or parties.

15. Scented Candle:

It is a pretty aesthetic thing to gift someone as it can better help lift one’s mood up and is also best for relaxing and rejuvenating. The smell of scented candles can easily relieve someone’s stress and can stimulate the brain.

It may also be beneficial in setting the environment for any sort of festive occasions and can add a therapeutic sense to the entire area. Hence being a tempting white elephant gift.

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